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My maths is not good - will I pass numerical aptitude test?

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Think of it in a way that math is only a tool you need to use to work out questions whereas your reasoning abilities are being assessed.

Posted by: Miso
16/10/2015 07:51:26

Numeracy tests

A good resources for mathematics you need to master can be found in www.graduatewings/numerical-reasoning; it is helpful guide that will point you to the right direction as what to revise...

Posted by: Miso
14/10/2015 09:34:30

maths v reasoning

Look at these numeracy exercises in the way that you don’t have time to make lengthy workings that’s why you have to be very quick and make visual comparisons of different data and rule out the least likely answers.; to do this you need to master basic maths inside out including percentages, ratios, proportions etc…and you must learn the shortest way possible to work these out…

Posted by: miso
3/1/2015 12:06:10


How it went – was it too hard to pass? How many questions have you answered? Do you think you got them right?

Posted by: mac
3/1/2015 12:00:32


Numerical reasoning tests don’t test your knowledge to maths but rather your reasoning ability; that is how quickly you can make sense of figures and make reasonable conclusions…To become good at this you need to frequently be looking at charts, graphs and tables and try to understand information they present with. Your knowledge of maths will serve you as a tool however may not be the major determinant for you to succeed.

Posted by: miso
3/1/2015 11:49:44

Low level of maths

Guys, my maths is not very good but I need to complete an aptitude test (numerical) within a week? What chances do I stand to pass?

Posted by: Victor
30/12/2014 00:37:10