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English is my second language will this affect me?

Verbal reasoning

In fact if you have good command of English both written and spoken you may find verbal reasoning tests easier because you are likely to pay more attention to detail than native English speaker..

Posted by: Kimberley
14/10/2015 09:42:23

non-native speakers

Hi, these are standardised tests and hence you compete for the job in UK you will be given the same test and allowed the same time to complete...I am also non-native English speaker and need to do these tests every time I apply. Good luck. Jose

Posted by: Jose
29/4/2014 14:21:11

English as foreign language

Dominic, the bad news is that even though English is not your mother tongue you may need to complete exercises in required time and language. It is high likely that company would want you to compete these tests in English as I assume that you are going for job in UK and hence you need to be competent using English language to required standards.

Posted by: Michal
15/2/2014 02:15:05

Non-native speakers - online tests

Hi guys, I'm non-native English speaker and wondering whether this would affect my performance in any way on numerical and verbal tests? Would recruiters be willing to give me some extra time to finish the test?

Posted by: Dominic
13/2/2014 21:51:43