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Really need to pass shl tests - any advice

Passing Numerical Reasoning SHL

Hi, if you practice ahead then you should be okay. I think that without decent practice you might complete few questions here are there but not really pass. Questions become challenging once you complete first 40% of the test. You really need to have some practice under your belt to be on safe side.

Posted by: Lindsey10
20/3/2016 23:02:08

Shl reasoning tests

Make sure you understand the questions as how to work them out, then add speed and practice under the same conditions as you find yourself in when taking a real assessment i.e. timing, question difficulty, calculator...

Posted by: Gradhunter
14/10/2015 17:25:57

practice makes perfect

Hi Bet, then only way to pass is to aim to improve your performance by practice; try to practice as much as you can and take advantage of our free can also undertake our further practice tests...miso

Posted by: Miso
29/4/2014 14:17:46

How to Pass

I am not that great in these tests but I really need to pass, any advice?

Posted by: Bet
12/2/2014 00:47:04