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I have failed numerical shl test two months ago – will I fail again?

Failing in numerical reasoning

It's all about the amount of practice you undertake. Simply practice more and try to practice wide range of questions covering the topics of percentages, proportions, unit conversions etc and after some time you should be okay.

Posted by: KennyP
14/10/2015 17:20:52


Yeah, game on and let us know how you get on...

Posted by: Michal
20/2/2014 00:19:05

Online aptitude

Okay, thanks for your post, will try harder...

Posted by: Neil
13/2/2014 21:49:10

Ability Tests

Hi Neil, hope you are doing well! I had to sit numerical and verbal SHL tests several times early on in my career and have to say that you need to be prepared if you are looking to answer at least ¾ of the questions in numerical reasoning which may give you a good chance of getting through. However, if you were not successful in your previous selection round I would recommend that you practice systematically at least for three months to see some improvements; remember you need to beat the competition so don’t give up. Nice evening to you…Michal

Posted by: Michal
12/2/2014 00:36:30

NetworkRail Online Tests - Help

Have applied for grad job with NetworkRail for role in finance and need to complete numerical and verbal tests? Does anyone know whether these are provided by shl? Have already completed shl tests last year but failed at numerical reasoning as the test was quite hard, since then have been practicing for here and there but not sure whether can pass shl? Any advice…

Posted by: Neil
11/2/2014 02:17:54