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Does SHL have different test for graduates and post-graduates?

Online reasoning postgraduates

I believe that you should be given same test as you are applying for graduate scheme and all applicants for particular role should be given test of the same difficulty. Having a postgraduate degree here should not interfere with test difficuly.

Posted by: Miso
14/10/2015 17:10:22


Thanks guys...much appreciated..

Posted by: graduates - post-graduates
20/2/2014 00:35:04

test difficulty levels

Dan, your tests are not likely be different, you will be probably given the tests of the same difficulty level as the rest of the graduates. Generally companies treat graduates and post-graduates as university leavers and tend not to distinguish between these two groups at this stage of selection.

Posted by: Michal
15/2/2014 02:06:41

Shl numeracy tests - difficulty levels

Hi there, I am post-graduate student applying for graduate scheme this year and in few days I’m about to take shl numeracy test. Will my tests be of higher difficulty level because I’m postgraduate?

Posted by: Dan
11/2/2014 01:47:07