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Why companies use aptitude tests

Recruitment Aptitude Tests

Companies use aptitude test when hiring graduates for their yearly graduate in-take. This allows them to swift through the applications process and invite to assessment centre only the most able applicants.

Posted by: JobGrad
20/3/2016 23:12:42

Online aptitude test in graduate recruitment

Hi Kieron, online ability tests in graduate recruitment is very common. Getting on graduate scheme means speeding your career progression at the early stages. In most of the companies after completion of programs you would become part of management team perhaps responsible for managing a small team of employees hence you have to have good aptitude to overcome challenges in such roles. Online ability test don't evaluate all of your competencies nevertheless they evaluate your aptitude to examine numerical data and your decision making skills which form a vital part of managerial abilities.

Posted by: Miso
14/10/2015 16:45:26

Aptitude tests

Nearly all of the companies I applied use aptitude test in their recruitment - is there any reason to it why for each application I have to complete online test? Thanks Kieron.

Posted by: Kieron
14/10/2015 09:52:48