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is it good to guess??

Verbal reasoning

I think that yes, don't leave the questions unanswered. Eliminate least likely answers and chose the most probable one..

Posted by: Dennis
14/10/2015 13:24:21

Is it good to guess the answers to questions left

Hi Dennis, Well it is good to check whether you get any negative marking for incorrectly marked questions...some tests give you -1 point for wrong answer however most test do not and in that case it would make sense to make educated guesses to maximise your test score...however check with test providers, usually you can find out from test instructions...

Posted by: Michal
30/12/2014 00:27:12


i was just wondering whether it is good to guess when you are left with 3 or 4 questions and you see you got only 30 seconds left? some say that its not good to guess as it drops the ACCURACY SCORE but at the same time it also increases the SPEED SCORE? SO I AM IN DILEMMA?

Posted by: dennis
1/8/2013 02:32:49