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Taking verbal reasoning test for the first time

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Thanks for your post Bonita. The best is to find out from test publisher whether there is negative marking for unanswered questions. If yes, then you may want to consider not to answer the test questions that you really don’t know, however, if negative marking is not imposed then it is the best to make educational guesses. Let us know how you get on…

Posted by: Miso
4/7/2012 14:52:05

Verbal Reasoning

Hi GraduateWings, I'm about to take critical verbal reasoning test for the first time, could you please advise whether it is better to guess the answers to questions that I don’t know or shall I leave them unanswered. Thank you.

Posted by: Bonita
3/7/2012 23:08:06

Verbal Tests

You were so lucky! When I took my first verbal reasoning test I have not finished all of the questions (maybe half) because passages were too long and I wanted to finish all of it so I was reading so fast that I was missing important information in the text. Then I had to re-read the text which was slowing me down.

Posted by: qt1
24/6/2012 15:54:29

Verbal test

Some time ago when I was still in uni I was invited to complete numerical and verbal reasoning tests and that was the very first time I was about to complete verbal test, I was nervous and in hurry for some reason and didn't read the instructions. Then when I was in the middle of the test I realised that I wasn't actually answering the questions correctly (I thought that my knowledge is being tested) and I did realise that half of the questions had to be answered incorrectly. However, by some luck I still did get through and was invited to further stages.

Posted by: Grag
24/6/2012 00:51:34