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Jola, verbal tests are tough for me but by practice I got a feel how they are constructed and become more aware of traps. Take example of below, if you don't think about that sentence twice it is tempting to answer 'true' that activities are held at school playground, but if you logically think about the sentence then cannot say is the correct answer.

Posted by: supergrad
25/6/2012 20:27:05

Verbal Tests

Yep, but what is important at first is that you have to understand logic of these tests, for example, if you have sentence ''Students regularly meet at campus once a week to get involved in sport activities'' with statement ''Sport activities are held at school playground'', in this instance the answer would be 'cannot say', even though these it seems like sport activities are held at school playground, however, they may be held indoors for instnce.

Posted by: Miso
20/6/2012 23:25:57


it's almost impossible to spot these little details in the text that make all the difference to the answer

Posted by: Jola
20/6/2012 20:15:52

Verbal reasoning

Hi there, these tests are created in the way that you may not finish all of the test questions within the time limit, sometimes it may be that it's hard to distinguish 'true' from 'cannot' say, try to pay attention to very finest details in text, have you tried to practice with our verbal tests?

Posted by: Miso
20/6/2012 14:15:33

Verbal Tests

Hi, i’m just stuck a little bit because even though I’ve tried to practice lots of these tests I seem to lack the ability to score good at verbal tests. I find it challenging as the time is way too limited and for many questions it’s hard to decide whether the statement is false or cannot say. I’ve always struggled with and it is deterring me from getting onto big firms or on grad schemes as i just finished uni. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Posted by: jola
20/6/2012 08:29:42