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Hi asader, depending on the lenght of the text passage if the text passage is short you may try to read the whole text passage first and then read the statment and then come back to the text passage for more details; however, if the text passage is long read few lines and then read statement and then refer back to what you have read in text passage, usually in verbal reasoning tests statements will follow along with the information provided in the text... Hope this helps..

Posted by: Miso
29/4/2013 18:57:24

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hello, Do you think its better to read all the text or just read the question and try to answer by finding the word in the text?

Posted by: asader
28/4/2013 13:47:14

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Janice, to begin with make sure that you understand how to go about answering the test questions. You should be able to answer all the questions correctly if you were completing the test without time constraints. When you read the text passages, try to concentrate all of your mental power on the text and statement, give it 120%, before making a choice. There are many candidates who jump into first seemingly correct answer and lose valuable points. Remember, these kinds of tests are designed to test the aptitude. Please also see: ; hope this helps, Miso

Posted by: Miso
26/6/2012 20:34:35

Verbal reasoning

Ta, I've heard this few times and I'm trying to answer the test questions in this way, but still need to improve my techniques as I'm about to take verbal tests soon. Any help?

Posted by: Janice
25/6/2012 20:37:05

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Yep, Miso is right, to do well in verbal reasoning you should leave behind all the knowledge you have about the subject and focus only on the information provided.

Posted by: qt1
24/6/2012 23:56:06

Verbal Reasoning

Janice, there are many things to suggest but one of the major mistakes that majority of candidates do is that they tend to bring their own understanding of the topic. No matter how many ideas you may have about the topic try to answer questions taking into account only the information provided in the text passage. Do not go over-board with speculations.

Posted by: Miso
23/6/2012 12:17:35

True, False, Cannot Say Tests Questions - Advice

If you were to give me one suggestion as how to I improve my score at verbal reasoning tests then what would that be??? Please, let me know. Cheers, Janice

Posted by: Janice
23/6/2012 00:41:40

If you are unsure as how to answer true, false and cannot say test questions, we are here to help, write us here.

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11/5/2012 23:55:28