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I am about to take shl numerical reasoning what’s the difficulty of the test?

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Posted by: latika
22/11/2020 17:17:29

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Posted by: chila
22/11/2020 17:16:56

Numerical reasoning difficulty

I am not a math freak or anything like that but can say that if you practice and know your stuff then you should be ok. I took online reasoning test some time ago and did get through with no difficulties. Be focused, practice and you should be fine.

Posted by: Danny1
14/10/2015 16:58:18

online numeracy shl

I found particularly second part difficult, from question 9 onwards. First few questions were fairly straightforward where you had to calculate some percentages but then questions seemed to become tricky. Rajiv

Posted by: Rajiv
29/4/2014 14:27:14

difficult topics?

Great post, but can you be more specific and let us know what exactly did you find difficult in your tests? Can you recall any particular questions you found hard to answer?

Posted by: Michal
19/2/2014 00:30:36

assessment exercises shl

Hi, I found these test difficult even though I’ve done a lot of practice. I passed them and was invited to assessment centre however during the test you’ve got to give it your best and focus sharply to answer most of the questions…

Posted by: Megan
15/2/2014 01:50:30

Is Shl Numerical Reasoning Difficult?

Hi guys, I have to pass shl numerical and verbal tests to get to next selection stage, any ideas of the level of difficulty of these tests? Any help with these would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...Dan

Posted by: Dan
11/2/2014 01:38:31