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Percents reasoning

Vic, what tests are you preparing for?

Posted by: Michal
30/12/2014 00:44:48


Hi Vic, Basically when you need to work out percentage change you need to determine whether it is to be percentage increase or decrease in this case percentage change between these tow numbers (10479 and 10012.30707)will be percentage decrease because first figure is higher than the second, that is (10479 and 10012.30707) / 10479 x 100 = 4.45 percent. In other words (1 - 0.95546)x 100 = 4.45 per cent. Trust this help...any questions feel free to post...Thank you..Michal

Posted by: Michal
30/12/2014 00:17:24

Percentage Change

In the final part of this question it requires working out the difference between two numbers (10479 and 1001230707) to obtain the percentage change. After reading forums on how to calculate percentage change the solution does not seem to add up and I can't find the right answer according to the solution. The solution says that to work out the percentage change would be: 10479/1001230707 = 0.95546, which is a 4.45% decrease I don't understand where it got 4.45% decrease from?! Thanks, Vic.

Posted by: Vic
29/12/2014 22:09:55