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Hi Paul, thank you for letting us know however our website need to be visible form search engine point of view; hence you may find these in the text...Many apologies for any inconvenience caused...Let me know if you have any further suggestions about the website. Ta, Michal

Posted by: Michal
4/7/2013 22:50:34


Just to add: I'm not saying it has to be grammatically perfect word for word, typos will happen. But using clunky things like "numerical online currency conversion question" in each sentence when a simple "the question" or "the example" would do makes it really hard to read

Posted by: Paul
4/7/2013 22:47:33

Numerical Reasoning Examples

Hi, while I appreciate the help given on this site (some of it is excellent) the questions are written extremely badly. First of all, stop writing "numerical reasoning online tests" on every line when referring to the question. For example; "Many of the test questions incorporated into numerical reasoning tests require you to calculate percentage related problems. Thus, to successfully compete at numerical reasoning tests you not only need to have good knowledge of calculating wide range of percentages but also you have to be swift in these calculations as numerical reasoning tests test you mental abilities rather than pure knowledge of maths. Below, we will demonstrate how to calculate reverse percentages at numerical reasoning tests most efficiently as these pose challenges for many candidates." You mention "numerical reasoning tests" am awful lot in that piece of writing. It's very distracting as the paragraphs are awkward and have no flow. In the "Psychometric test currency conversion questions" you keep saying stuff like "To solve this psychometric test currency conversion question, you must do x,y and z. This is the key to solving psychometric test currency conversion questions as in the online psychometric tests there will often be psychometric test currency conversion question like to one above" Why don't you call them simply "the question" or "the test". Or even the "above example" instead of repeating "psychometric test currency conversion questions" numerous times throughout the paragraph? It's extremely off putting. When working with mathematics, the language should be simple and have a flow, as if you were having a conversation with the person. The examples on this site sound as if they were written by a robot or a non-native English speaker. I'm telling you this as I'd actually consider buying some of the stuff you have, however there's no way I will because it's so frustrating to read

Posted by: Paul
4/7/2013 22:47:01