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GW Online Reasoning Tests

Hi Jawaid, as long as the format of the tests is that of SHL then our online tests would definitely be of help. Cheers, Miso

Posted by: Miso
3/7/2012 22:22:01

Reasoning Tests

I have a verbal critical reasoning and numerical reasoning tests for grad scheme in two weeks time. Would your tests help me to prepare?

Posted by: jawaid
3/7/2012 01:26:19

GraduateWings Reasoning Tests

Yep, GraduateWings test questions are written in the same style as SHL tests. Try to practice as much as you can so that you are swift in calculations but remember reasoning tests test your reasoning abilities rather than pure knowledge of maths so give it your best when completing the actual tests. Well, usually candidates may have only one opportunity to take their tests per application, and companies may not allow you to re-take tests unless there are some special circumstances.

Posted by: Miso
1/7/2012 10:54:04

Your online tests

I am trying to apply to UBS, where I have to take SHL test. I have two Qs regarding to this: 1)Are your questions/practice tests suitable for SHL tests? 2) Is it possible to do the real online tests at the investment banks twice, or do people have only one chance?

Posted by: Anonymous
1/7/2012 03:02:47

GraduateWings - online tests

Hiya Cherry, our online tests are tests for gradutes, post-graduates. Please, see inside of our packages are the same style questions. Hope this helps, Miso Hope that answers your questions, Best, Michael

Posted by: Miso
27/6/2012 16:12:48

online tests

Hi, thank you so much for yo help I'd like to know whether your tests are the ones that are used as assessement for entry to access to higher education level 3

Posted by: Cherry
27/6/2012 13:37:23

tests - pdf's

Thanks, Cheers, Chris

Posted by: Chris
27/6/2012 13:17:39

Reasoning Tests - GraduateWings

Chris, currently we do not provide offline versions of the tests because we do update the tests regularly and it would be time consuming to update offline versions as well. There is a possibility to re-new subscription for small charge (maintenance fee).

Posted by: Miso
26/6/2012 14:13:23

GraduateWings Reasoning Tests

Hello, may I ask whether you have your tests in PDF or other format?

Posted by: Chris
26/6/2012 13:43:04