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Bugs in the test

NRT SP test 12 question 9

A 3,600 Watts device consumes 3,6 KwH if it runs 1 hour. If the overall expense is given, GBP 135, and I know the cost of 1 kwh = GBP 0,9, then i can calculate how many KWH has been consumed = 135/0,9= 150 Kwh. So if the device consumes 3,6Kwh in 1 hour, then the amount of hours it has run are 150/3,6 = 41,67 hours. There are enough information to solve the problem. Your Explanation seems wrong.

Posted by: Simone
29/8/2015 12:40:25

trick on the tricks.... 15+8 = 23 not 33...

Posted by: e
17/9/2013 15:23:25

Tricky Questions in Numerical Reasoning Tests Often, test publishers of numerical reasoning tests incorporate into thei

Question 1 How many more employees have to be on team that will work on project A if the company wants to finish project within 72 days? (originally 18 employees at work for 95 days) The above seemingly tricky question that may appear in numerical reasoning test can be easily worked out. Remember, to succeed at numerical reasoning tests you need to manipulate basic arithmetic operations inside out. All what is required here is to perform two simple arithmetic calculations: 72 / 18 x 95 = 23.75 approximately 24, .... 72/18 = 4... 4*95 = 380 not 23,75....

Posted by: e
17/9/2013 15:20:29

Numerical Reasoning

Hello Lisboa, Thank you for pointing this out. Will be amended shorlty.

Posted by: Miso
15/6/2012 16:22:20

New test 13 Numerical

Hello! Can I report a bug in the numerical test 13 from the Success Pack? Question 8. The body of the question specifies that we are supposed to find how long would it take the pump B and pump A to fill the tank but the explanation for some reason calculates the time for pumps A and C.. Ergo when you calculate the right answer you cant choose it because it is simply not there!

Posted by: Lisboa
15/6/2012 15:17:41