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NRTS Test2 Q9

Basically the thing is from 2004 to 2003 there is percentage change on previous year so you get the figure for 2003 as follows: 25,000 / (1+0.08) = 23,148.14; but then question states the number of units sold in region D in 2002 WAS 20% LESS THAN the number of units sold in 2003, and that is way you reduce it by 20% that is 23,148.14 * (1-0.20) = 18,518.51. So, you do not use reverse percentage if there is stated LESS THAN you just reduce figure by given percentage.

Posted by: Miso
19/6/2012 21:53:01

NRTS Test2 Q9

Can you explain question 9 from test 2 - MTNRS Sales in 2002 were 20% less than 2003. So is it not (sale in 2003)/1.2 where as it is given as (sale in 2003 *0.8). Please explain.

Posted by: Becky
19/6/2012 20:11:25

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11/5/2012 23:51:14