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Currency Conversions

Currency Conversions

Hi there, for more help on foreign currency questions please, see or write us here...Cheers, Miso

Posted by: Miso
12/8/2012 01:16:02

Currency Conversions

Hi, the test explanation is worked out correctly; you have to increase given amount by 10% because if one currency weakens against the other it has to increase, that is, the more CHF per one EUR the weaker the CHF is against EUR and vice versa. Cheers, Miso

Posted by: Miso
29/6/2012 15:51:57

Currency conversion question

On your NRTSP Test 10, Question 14, it says CHF weakened against EUR by 10%. Then you should apply (.9) times the CHF/EUR right? I got this question wrong, and the explanation says I should apply (1.1) times, and now I am extremely confused.

Posted by: Sean
29/6/2012 14:21:52

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11/5/2012 23:47:28