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Indirect Proportions

Hi Faz, thank you for your suggestion, but this is what explanation says, however, you need to calculate this quesion in two steps because in fact question requires you to calculate how many more employees have to join team. Please, let me know your thoughts...Miso

Posted by: Miso
14/11/2012 11:17:28

indirect proportions

I have another way I find easier to calculate ratio proportions. for example the question on the tips page where you have 18 employees complete a project in 95 days and so how many more employees would it take to complete project in 72 days. what I do is I write 18:95 and X:72. I say how long would 1 person take to complete this project? it would be 95*18 days = 1710 therefore it would take 1710/72 employees i.e 24 employees to complete it in 72 days. hope this helps

Posted by: faz
14/11/2012 04:54:44


yep, to symplify ratios with calculator is simple and fairly easy for some ratios, but it may not always work as sometimes in the tests there are questions where you need to round up both figures

Posted by: dan
18/6/2012 20:58:23


To simplify ratios, for example if you have 34:52 you need to find the number by which both of the numbers can be divided, so in the above case it is '2', so the simplified ratio of 34:52 would be 17:26, you divide each number by '2'. You can also simplify ratio using calculator. If you use scientific calculator similar to version of 'fx 85ES' and if you have it set up in 'MATH' mode just input the numbers 34/52 and then press equals and it will give you the lowest ratio of those numbers.

Posted by: Miso
17/6/2012 23:36:29

Simplifying Ratios

can you please explain how to work out ratio i.e how to simplify 34:52?

Posted by: Ruan1
17/6/2012 00:25:53

Here, we are providing support with ratios & proportion questions that appear in numerical reasoning tests.

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11/5/2012 23:41:16