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To stand any good chances to pass the test ensure that you can work out basic percentages inside out i.e. converting percentages to decimals, fractions and vice versa. Also ensure that you are familiar with concept of reverse percentages and learn how to work them out when presented in charts, tables and graphs..

Posted by: Percentages in numerical test
14/10/2015 10:07:33

Percentages - Numerical Reasoning

Hi there, see there is wealth of advice on percentages...

Posted by: Miso
4/9/2012 00:59:08

Formulas for percentages

Hi, I think that some summary of formulas for calculating percentages would be very helpful.

Posted by: Anup
24/6/2012 23:45:55


Miso, thank you..

Posted by: Sarah
24/6/2012 19:58:24


Sarah, this is very easy and straightforward, just divide 560/3400 and to convert it into percentages multiply by 100, that is, 16.47%.

Posted by: Miso
24/6/2012 13:45:40


How can I know what percentage one value is of another? For example value A is 3400 and value B would be 560 I want to know what percentage of 3400 is 560 - am I making sense?

Posted by: Sarah
24/6/2012 11:17:49

Reverse Percenages

Hi, depending on the question, for example, for reverse percentages, if something increased say by 20% from year X to year Y and you are given figure Y and figure X needs to be worked out then apply foruma Y / (1+0.20, by practice you will become swift in these calculations

Posted by: Miso
18/6/2012 23:32:36


Hey guys, thanks for this forum, sometimes when calculating percentages I get confused what formula should I use especially when the question is about reverse percentages

Posted by: Peritom
18/6/2012 20:52:31

If you need some advise relating to calculating percentages at numerical reasoning tests then write us here.

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11/5/2012 23:33:49