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How to express creativity

Fascinating discussion. Eric Stein is a professor in the business school at Penn State who has spent the last several years researching creative behaviors, teaching business students how to express creativity in the workplace, and identifying critical success factors for innovation. The bottom line is that many schools and companies are just not doing a good job at nurturing creativity. However, his work indicates that creativity can be fostered. Check out for more info.

Posted by: Peter
28/9/2014 13:24:29

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is Japanese concept of continuous improvement based on fundamental analysis of the elements of the process and discovering how to improve them. Often it could be some method, process or the way you work and approach things that could be improved. It is important to note that kaizen involves small incremental changes where processes or the way things get done become a little bit easier and little bit better day by day. Hence, the concept of kaizen proposes that the small incremental changes applied over a long period of time add up to a major impact on business results.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:47:11

What is the main purpose of Kaizen?

As indicated above, the concept of kaizen centres on improving activities or processes that add value and eliminate waste from the system. Hence the main purpose of kaizen is to improve processes and eliminate any form of waste or activities that do not add value to the current practices.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:46:41

How can I use the idea of Kaizen?

To use the concept of Kaizen and implement it there are six steps to follow. •Discover improvement potential •Analyze the current methods •Generate original ideas •Develop implementation plan •Implement the plan •Evaluate the new methods

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:46:07

What are the main benefits of Kaizen?

At individual level, kaizen helps you to eliminate waste and delays in your work so that you can do the job smoothly and effectively without any interruptions. It provides you with the opportunity to think about current ways of working and approaching your work and gives you the incentives for continuous improvement. At organizational level, kaizen helps to improve value added activities to organizational processes so that products or services are delivered to customer with the highest quality at lowest costs and with shortest delivery times possible.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:45:29