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Lean Thinking

What is Lean Thinking?

Lean thinking can be defined as systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. It focuses on enhancing value for the customer by improving the way things get done. A number of experts argue that the concept of lean thinking refers to the simplest and the most effective way to accomplish a task or operation.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:39:49

What is the main purpose of Lean Thinking?

As indicated above, the main purpose of lean thinking is to reduce waste in the system or process and improve quality of the product or service for the customer. In other words, lean thinking focuses on enhancing the customer value through waste elimination. Waste may be defined as anything that does not add value for the customer or stops or delays customer satisfaction.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:39:24

How I can use the idea of Lean?

Lean thinking may be used in variety of ways. For example, you may want to look at the current ways of working and improve the way you approach things. You may want to organize your work better so that things are done in easier and in more effective way. You may want to analyse systems or processes to identify activities that do not add the value for the customer. These activities often called wasters may include misuse, underuse, unnecessary repetition or poor communication.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:38:57

What are the main benefits of Lean Thinking?

As suggested above, the main benefits of lean thinking is to make the process of doing things easier and more efficient. Many businesses experience significant challenges to provide quality products or services at the lowest costs to its customers. Thus, at an organizational level, adopting lean thinking approach may lead to improved ways to address these challenges so that costs are reduced, quality improved and vale for the customer enhanced.

Posted by: GraduateWings
15/11/2012 22:37:50