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Most Common Leadership and Management Mistakes

#1 - Failing to Provide Feedback

Failing to provide feedback is one of the most common mistakes that leaders make. When you don’t provide feedback you don’t give your people the opportunity to improve their performance. Remember, honest feedback (negative or positive) delivered in meaningful manner encourages individuals to perform well and fuels their passion for doing the job.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:03:58

#2 - Misunderstanding Motivation

Do you know what truly motivates your team? A number of leaders may assume that the best motivator to get most of the team members is to give monetary incentives. However, it is unlikely that this is to be the only motivator. Effective leaders know that each team member may be motivated by different things. For example, some team members may be motivated by praise, extra responsibility or belief that their performance contributes to overall success of the company.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:03:29

#3 - Not Defining the Team Goals

Not defining clear goals for your team means that your team members do not have clear direction, vision and purpose of the work they do and thus are unlikely to be productive. Goals guide and direct human behaviour. By setting up clear goals for your team you give your team members the opportunity to focus their efforts to specific direction.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:03:02

#4 - Not Delegating

Remember, the most successful leaders are great delegators. However, despite of this, many leaders resist to share their work with others assuming that ‘’If you want something done right you have to do it yourself’’. Unless you delegate you are unlikely to accomplish more than others who let their subordinates to accomplish the tasks. Proper delegation contributes to overall efficiency of the team or department and ensures that job is done most effectively.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:02:30

#5 - Not Spending Enough Time with Your Team

Failing to make time for your team may result in lack of communication and trust. By making the time for your team and paying full attention to what your team members have to say you build trust and mutual understanding between you and your team which reinforces the team spirit and vision.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:01:53

#6 – Trying to Be Liked by Everyone

Trying to be liked by everyone is major shortfall of leaders. Each of us may want to be friendly and approachable; however, being a leader requires you to lead change which usually means ruffling someone’s feathers. To be effective leader you need to get the balance right between being and friend and being a leader.

Posted by: GraduateWings
1/7/2012 11:01:11