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inductive reasoning

hi, i've done shl inductive reasoning some time ago and there were only shapes, time limit was quite tight...

Posted by: emma
6/10/2012 02:40:12


Hey guys I’m going for a job at Direct Line Group and now on the inductive reasoning test. I know it is provided by SHL as my numerical test was SHL. Does anyone know if inductive tests by SHL are just based on shapes?/patterns... (no numbers)?? Really want to smash this test and need all the help i can get :D

Posted by: Dejaar
4/10/2012 16:51:16

Reasoning Tests

Hi Clinton, we provide online reasoning tests which are timed, also we provide Free tests at you tried some of them? Which kind of logic and reasoning are you refering to? verbal, numerical, inductive, abstract reasoning? Let us know... Miso

Posted by: Miso
27/7/2012 12:58:43

numeric logic and reasoning

Pls we need free logic and reasoning ebooks

Posted by: clinton
27/7/2012 01:04:55

Logical reasoning

Thank you, excelent practice...

Posted by: Kingsley
27/6/2012 23:32:34

logical reasoning GraduateWings

Kingsley hi, our logical reasoning tests mimic the latest tests of major test publishers, SHL, Kenexa...please, try free tests here and let me have your thoughts, we also update free tests from time to time. Cheers, Miso

Posted by: Miso
25/6/2012 23:25:59

logical reasoning

Anyone has tried logical reasoning tests here at graduatewings? Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted by: Kingsley
25/6/2012 20:43:34