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When Job Interview Goes Wrong

job intevew

Blanca, yes some interviewers are arrogant during the interview, about a year ago I had pretty bad experience at my interview. There were three folks who were to conduct the interview with me and pulled out their list of questions. I answered them all without any trouble but they still were trying to find same gaps in my answers and were pushing me to say things I really was not to say. It was very uncomfortable interview and strange way to treat a prospective employee. I got the job offer but turned it down as that kind of workplace was not something I was looking for. Maybe sometimes the worst interviews are interviews that result in job offers.

Posted by: Jane
26/6/2012 00:02:23

Job Interview - bad

Greg very surprising!!! I can't say that I had many bad interviews but one thing I don't like about interviews is that when interviewer is over-confident and tries to make you feel in some certain way. It happened to me few times, maybe he just wanted to put me under pressure but after a few minutes the atmosphere in the room has become quite uncomfortable (I wasn't offered the job, lol)

Posted by: Blanca
25/6/2012 00:15:22