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M&A Interview preparation

Useful for everyone interested in career in Investement Banking - M&A Interview Masterclass covers all of the topics in a day packed with tips, tricks, essential knowledge and practical exercises that help you boost your chances of turning the interview opportunity into a job offer! The class is designed and delivered by experienced IB professionals – an M&A Banker and an IB recruitment specialist – who will provide you with a unique blend of essential information. Use the link below to find our more and sign up for this masterclass: Brillian workshop

Posted by: Polina
2/11/2013 13:27:16


Hi Ken, thank you for sharing your thoughts, what would you say how someone can demonstrate what their contributions to organizational goals be if they don't know the objectives of the team or department?

Posted by: Miso
27/6/2012 23:42:42

job interview tips

I've been working in HR (recruitment) for the past two years and often number of candidates fail to sell themselves for roles they apply as they don’t demonstrate appropriately how they can contribute towards the organizational goals. One piece of advice I could give here would be that candidates should show strong interest and enthusiasm for role they want to undertake and also enquire about challenges that may lie ahead and how these are planned to be overcome.

Posted by: ken
27/6/2012 00:51:44

Quick Job Interview Tips

Get it through your head that job interview is not about you, remember, you need to sell yourself as the best person for the job or role you apply. Be prepared to answer the questions about the company, its objectives, key clients or competitors. Have at least 8 behavioural S.T.A.R answers prepared to common interview competency questions demonstrating your interpersonal, organizational, communication or leadership abilities. (All HR people love to ask these questions). Wear smart dress, remember, the first impression counts. Be energetic, positive and enthusiastic and have some questions prepared to ask the interviewer about the job or company. If you will be confident and willing to fight for yourself that confidence will go a long way and will get you the job offer (

Posted by: Miso
24/6/2012 01:33:57