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Recources for Jobs in Finance

Hi Damiano, thank you for your post and letting our users know about further resources as where to be looking for graduate jobs...

Posted by: Michal
13/2/2014 21:29:53

Finance Graduate Websites Website

Hello all, having gone through the process of looking for a graduate scheme in the financial sector in the UK, and knowing how time consuming it can be, I decided to create a website portal with links to the graduate corporate recruitment websites of financial institutions with operations in the UK. A bit like Milkround, only simpler, and providing links not to specific graduate schemes, but to graduate recruitment websites. The sectors covered by the website are: accounting, banking / investment banking, insurance / insurance broking, asset / wealth / investment management, and actuarial / financial consulting. The website is very new and is a continual WIP, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of any financial sector corporate graduate websites not covered by the website, please do share them on Facebook. Below is a link to the website: Below is a link to the Facebook page: Thank you for your time, Damiano Pietroni.

Posted by: Damiano Pietroni
13/2/2014 20:49:11