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If you want a job in PR in Berkshire or London contact me on here for more details.

Posted by: Andy
20/3/2014 22:48:57

marketing grad schemes

Hi Gem, you may try Synthomer, closing date for applications is on 06/07/12, for more info please, refer to this link:[view]=1&tx_vacancies_pi1[mat]=5, also you may want to try to apply from September onwards as many companies will be opening their applications. Hope this helps, Miso

Posted by: Miso
25/6/2012 20:55:16


Anyone any suggestions?

Posted by: Miso
21/6/2012 22:44:56


are there any companies recruiting for marketing grad schemes at this time of the year?

Posted by: Gem
20/6/2012 23:36:33